Another Year for the Books.


Thanks to your support and generosity, Chula's Mission can continue to work on our programs and initiatives to support our mentees. 


Cooking Classes


Realizing the special bond that is made while learning to cook with your mother, Chula's Mission has created therapeutic cooking classes for motherless girls. While learning the fundamentals of cooking and baking, we also teach coping skills in dealing with the absence of a mother.  Not only will these young girls learn to cook, they will also bond with other motherless girls.


Grief Counseling


Chula's Mission offers group counseling to help aid in the grieving process that so often comes with the loss of a loved one.  Everyone expresses themselves differently and our groups aim to offer a safe place in order to explore the thoughts and feelings around the abandonment, absence or loss of a mother. Our groups offer a unique dynamic, allowing each member to be part of a bigger whole, which consists of peers that can directly relate to what one another are experiencing.  Sessions consist of a myriad of therapeutic activities, as well as group discussions focused on meeting each individual where they are on their journey through grief. 


Mentor Program


the relationship between mentor and mentees...

Our mentor program consists of adult women volunteers who are committed to supporting, guiding and forming a friendship with young motherless girls.  The program matches young motherless girls with inspirational adult mentors who can guide them in developing life skills.


Body Positivity

Our Body Positivity and Self-Esteem program allows our mentees to understand their body as their own no matter their size or shape.


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