Mentor and Nurture Motherless Girls.


Chula's Mission was founded in Texas in 2010 by Lyndsey Ruiz after the loss of her mother to cancer.  While Lyndsey had always known how important her mother was to her, it wasn't until after her passing that she began to realize the sheer impact her mother had in her life.  Upon realizing the void left by the absence of a mother, Lyndsey knew she wanted to start a non-profit for motherless girls.  In order to turn this dream into a reality she began looking for a partner who would share the same vision, drive, and passion.  It was exactly one year later, in March of 2011, that Lyndsey and future Co-Founder Mayra San Juan's paths first crossed.

While getting to know each other, Lyndsey and Mayra learned that they shared more in common than they thought, as Mayra too had lost her mother.  They became a support for one another, and started to realize how truly important it was to have someone else who also understood the magnitude of pain associated with losing a mother.  Lyndsey knew very quickly, that in Mayra, she had met a very special woman that could take on the role of Co-Founder of Chula's Mission.  In the time since, their friendship has only strengthened, as together they pursue their dream in helping other young girls cope with the loss of a mother. 


Lyndsey & Mayra
Founder and Co-Founder

Mentee learning how to make pesto pizza at Olivewood Gardens.

Mentee learning how to make pesto pizza at Olivewood Gardens.